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SOLIDATE Artist Violet PowerBank 5200mAh

SOLIDATE Artist Violet PowerBank 5200mAh

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Solid, elegant, and very reliable. The perfect charging companion for any smartphone, smartwatch, camera, or other device. Charging output 5V/1A. LED lighter function. We are the exclusive distributor of SOLIDATE™ products.



SOLIDATE™ Artist Mobile PowerBank 5200mAh is the embodiment of a perfect mobile charger design. It has been designed to impress, to attract, and to be admired, from the ground up. Its case features a highly durable aluminium alloy frame for fall-off protection, supplemented by a smooth surface PC + ABS on the sides of the powerbank for soft touch and feel. It is a sophisticated, elegant, and capable portable charging solution for your APPLE, SAMSUNG, LENOVO, NOKIA, SONY, LG, HUAWEI, or other mobile phone. At the same time, it also serves as a charger for a whole spectrum of other devices such as smartwatches, camcorders, game consoles, or smart glasses. This device acts as a standard, highly capable 5,200mAh mobile battery power with USB charging output 5V/1A. In addition, it also acts as a powerful personal LED lighter, illuminating every element of your world in the dark, whenever you need.





MANUFACTURER: SOLIDATE™ BATTERY CAPACITY: 5200 mAh PROTECTION: Water Spill, Overload / Overcharge / Discharge
LED LIGHTER FUNCTIONALITY: Yes, On/Off Switch BATTERY OUTPUT: 1x USB 5V/1A FINISH AND FEEL: Elegant, Ergonomic, Futuristic, Glossy
LED LIGHTER RANGE: Appr. 5 m BATTERY TYPE: Li-Polymer (Heavy Duty) DEVICE DIMENSIONS: 94.1 mm (W), 48.6 mm (D), 28.8 mm (H)
DEVICE RECOGNITION: Automatic CASE MATERIAL: Aluminium Alloy, PC + ABS DEVICE WEIGHT: 0.148 kg (148 g)
INDICATION: 3 Precise LEDs 100-67-33% OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -10 - +40 °C DEVICE COLOR: Violet + Silver





The Artist mobile chargers by SOLIDATE™ have been intentionally designed to be admired - whenever you take one out of your purse, bag, or suitcase to charge your smartphone or other gadget. They are simply impossible to overlook! The smooth, curved design of the powerbank case, supplemented by the soft, velvety PC+ABS surface of the powerbank sides, the overall ergonomy of the unit and the attention paid to every detail while manufacturing this mobile charger simply predestine it to become your most beloved - and most used - mobile charger. The best part? You will not be the only one admiring it! Other people will most certainly notice your new mobile accessory the very first second you pull it out to perform mobile charging. And the more talkative of them, including your friends and family, will tend to congratulate you to have such a fine taste in beautifully designed technology... While there may be other visually less appealing mobile chargers, SOLIDATE™ powerbanks simply stand out of the rest due to their highly attractive exterior, attention to detail, overall quality, reliability, and durability. The Artist series of powerbanks by SOLIDATE™ are just perfect examples to this rule.


SOLIDATE™ Artist 5200mAh - Made to Be Admired!





The single multifunction button positioned on top of each Artist series powerbank by SOLIDATE™ is the gateway to your control of various functions of this amazing mobile charger. Among these is the real-time battery level monitoring. The battery level monitor is initiated simply by shortly pressing the button once. After you press it, the 3 small but highly visible blue LED lights incorporated into the powerbank button itself will tell you how much power is still left in the charger for you to use for charging other devices. The LED lights measure the remaining power level precisely, with indication down to thirds (100-67-33%). The other very useful feature of this mobile charger is the convenient, built-in personal LED lighter. The lighter is activated simply by pressing and holding the powerbank button for appr. one second. After you press and hold the button, the lighter, positioned on the front side of the charger, gets activated and your dark surroundings get engulfed by light. The LED lighter has very low power consumption level, yet still, the light intensity is sufficient to enlight appr. 5m range from the place you stand. To deactivate the lighter, simply press and hold the powerbank button again.


SOLIDATE™ Artist 5200mAh - Personal LED Lighter and 4 Power Level Indicators Built-in





Several layers of strict quality control were applied throughout the manufacturing process of this product to ensure high level of reliability and customer satisfaction. Among the tests applied at our factory are: A. The IQC Test inspecting the PCBA and the batteries for voltage and current of each product assembled, B. The Current Pro Test, C. The High / Low Temperature Test, D. The Aging Test - the most important quality assurance measure for battery products. After passing all of the comprehensive tests, this product is guaranteed to be of its specification, quality, and endurability, to be safe to use, and to work right off the box. This SOLIDATE™ product is ISO 9001:2000 certified and has all necessary certificates to be sold and used in the West, including Europe, Americas, and Australia: CE, RoHS, FCC. In addition, this product is equipped with intelligent electronic protection against: A. Water spill and short electric circuits, B. Overload, C. Overcharge, D. Deep discharge. This SOLIDATE™ product will also smartly recognize the presence and the type of attached device and apply power management functions to charge it adequately, including automatic switching on and off of the charging process.


SOLIDATE - 4 Test Layers and Smart Circuit Protection





In addition to charging your smartphone or smartwatch, with this stylish charger by SOLIDATE™ you can now charge almost any other mobile device, of almost any maker (tablet, camera, camcorder, game console, smart glass, etc.), via the included USB cable. SOLIDATE™ Artist Mobile PowerBank 5200mAh is your perfect, capable, and portable companion. Charge the unit itself in less than two hours and just place it into your bag, purse or suitcase - whenever any of your beloved gadgets runs out of energy, simply plug the attached USB cable to your charger and start charging - and you are all set within the standard charging time frame! The device stops charging automatically, without the need to unplug cables. Feel free to work or play while charging (the charging process will be slower).


SOLIDATE - Spectrum of Compatible Devices





IPHONE 6S PLUS: 1.8 times IPHONE 5S: 3.2 times IPAD AIR: 0.6 times
IPHONE 6S: 3.0 times GALAXY S6: 1.9 times GALAXY TAB S 8.4: 1.0 times
IPHONE 6 PLUS: 1.7 times GALAXY S6 EDGE: 1.9 times APPLE WATCH: 13+ times
IPHONE 6: 2.8 times GALAXY NOTE 4: 1.6 times GOPRO HERO 4: 4.3 times





[ MOBILELAND is the Exclusive SOLIDATE™ Wholesaler and Distributor ]


SOLIDATE™ is a European mobile accessories company committed to providing novelty, premier, yet highly affordable solutions for mobile and tablet for those who demand the highest standard of their mobile darlings. Mobile accessories made by SOLIDATE™ have all the style, innovation and durability you need to provide all of your beloved gadgets with the best accessories possible! From business managers to construction workers, sales reps to expedition scientists, teenagers to seniors, SOLIDATE™ is just the perfect partner for innovative mobile accessory solutions.


SOLIDATE™ products are designed in Europe and manufactured at a clean, modern factory right in the heart of Shenzhen, China, with several layers of strict quality control applied throughout the manufacturing process to ensure high level of reliability and customer satisfaction. With our charging products, the following tests are applied: A. The IQC Test - inspecting the PCBA and the batteries for voltage and current of each product assembled, B. The Current Pro Test - inspecting every product for short-circuits and overcurrent protection, C. The High-Low Temperature Test - randomly selected products are tested to withstand the advertised high and low temperatures, to ensure full operation in extreme conditions, D. The Aging Test - the most important quality assurance measure for battery products, with the core principle being to discharge all of the power of every manufactured charger at an aging test machine, to check the stability of all batteries and PCBAs during a long-time charging and discharging procedure, to check the ultimate condition and functionality of the PCBAs and the batteries, and to second-check for short circuits in both the PCBAs and the batteries. After passing the Aging Test, the manufactured product is guaranteed to be of all advertised parameters, quality, and endurability, to be safe for customer use, and to work right off the box.


To provide full customer safety and protection, all of the SOLIDATE™ charger products are equipped with the so-called MCU control circuit. This piece of intellligent technology combines software and hardware elements to ensure all devices are protected against undesired circumstances, substances, and liquids. For example, if a little amount of water makes its way inside a SOLIDATE™ charger, the MCU software gets activated, the charger will automatically turn off, consequently, you can restart the device by pressing the button. On the contrary, if a larger amount of water enters the charger, which is beyond handling by the MCU software, the hardwarde protection will start, the device will be immediately turned off, and the customer will only be able to restart it after some time, by recharging the device. As for the battery cells used in the SOLIDATE™ products, all of the batteries are of AAA-grade and tested, either made by a renowned battery supply chain in China (DLG / CHAM) or by Samsung / LG / Sanyo. All of the SOLIDATE™ plastic or alluminium shells are fireproof. In addition, SOLIDATE™ products are proud to possess several safety and conformity certificates, e.g. the CE, RoHS, FCC certifications, the MSDS UN38.3 Cargo Transportation Test Report, and more. SOLIDATE™ chargers are shipped worldwide, including the European Union, United States, Canada, Asia, Japan, Australia, and other countries. Users appreciate the novelty and the attractive design of the products. In addition, all elements of the SOLIDATE™ product lineup are made of the most reliable materials available, such as smooth PC + ABS surfaces, aluminium alloy frames, and anodic oxidation for antiwear and fall-off protection. Other (non-charger) types of SOLIDATE™ accessories also undergo several layers of quality control in order to provide our customers with the highest manufacturing standard of product they use on a daily basis. In case of larger orders, SOLIDATE™ products can be customized to suit client's style and needs.


Additional Information

Manufacturer SOLIDATE™
Battery Capacity 5200 mAh
Battery Output 1x USB 5V/1A
Battery Type Li-Polymer (Selected Heavy Duty)
LED Indication 3 Precise LED Lights 100-67-33%
Intelligent Protection Against Water Spill, Power Management, Overload/Overcharge/Discharge
Case Material Aluminium Alloy, PC + Toughened ABS
Finish and Feel Elegant, Ergonomic, Futuristic, Glossy
Device Dimensions 94.1 mm (W), 48.6 mm (D), 28.8 mm (H)
Device Weight 0.148 kg (148 g)
Product Color Violet + Silver


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