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MobileLand Return Policy

MobileLand Return Policy



At MobileLand™, we do our absolutely very best to ensure your shopping experience with us is as outstanding as are the products that we sell. We want you to remember as an easy and hassle-free electronic shopping interface and service, spread a "good word" about who we are, what we do, and of course about the amazing things we sell; and to come back to us with ordering more premium-quality mobile products whenever you decide to do so in the future. If, however, you find yourself in that rare situation when you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return most items within 14 days of receipt for an exchange or full refund.




We want your experience with us to be great and hassle-free. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with a purchase, you may return the purchased goods within 14 days of receipt for an exchange or full refund. If you wish to return an item after 14 days from the date of receipt, we no longer handle the return process ourselves, instead, we contact the manufacturer on your behalf for possible repair or replacement, and consequently let you and the maufacturer agree on further action, in direct communication and in accordance with both the E.U. and the store country legislations.



Items must be returned in NEW condition (i.e., not used, broken or worn), in original manufacturer's packaging, and with all original contents and documentation included. We do not charge any restocking fees for returned goods meeting the terms of our Return Policy. The following is the full list of exceptions ("Exceptions") on the occurence of which we do NOT determine the Warranty Status:


No Warranty Credits or Exchanges for:


    1. (1) Returned items that failed due to an accident, purchaser’s abuse, neglect or failure to use the item(s) properly and/or in accordance with instructions provided in the owner’s manual(s), if supplied.

    2. (2) Returned items that failed due to incorrect use or improper product care.

    3. (3) Returned items that failed due to rain, excessive humidity, corrosive environments or other contaminants.

    4. (4) Any item damaged in shipment.

    5. (5) Any product failure when the product has been damaged by contact with tools or aggressive surroundings.

    6. (6) Returned items that are incomplete or defaced.

    7. (7) Any consumable items such as replaceable batteries.

    8. (8) Returned items that were special ordered or custom configured.

    9. (9) Freight damaged items. If your shipment arrives damaged, you must note the damage on the carrier's delivery record in accordance with the carrier's policy, save the merchandise in the original box and packing it arrived in, and arrange for a carrier inspection of damaged merchandise.



All exchanges and returns require the completion of a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Form. Please note this document is provided in Microsoft DOC Format. For your convenience, available to you also is the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Form in PDF Format. Feel free to choose the format that suits you the best, download it, and fill it in. As soon as you have filled-in the required iformation and completed the form, please send it (electronically = via email only) to the email address, and wait for our confirmation. Once your RMA Form has been confirmed and you get a MobileLand RMA Number, enter the RMA number to your RMA Form, print it and attach it to the outside of the postage box you will be returning the goods in. Please return the merchandise immediately as the RMA number is only active for 10 days from the date of submission. We highly recommend insuring goods for their full value and safely wrapping items to prevent shipping damage. Charges associated with returning items are the responsibility of the customer unless the item arrived defective, incorrect, or broken. For orders damaged in transit, please contact us or review our Shipping Policy for more information.




If you are returning a product bought at MobileLand™ after the 14-day period, the product will be tested according to the description of the problem that you listed on Page 1 of the RMA request form. After MobileLand™ evaluation, Warranty or Out-of-Warranty status will be determined. If the description of the problem is the same as listed on Page 1 of the of the RMA request form, the product will be sent to its original manufacturer and consequently repaired under warranty at no charge (or simply replaced by a brand new merchandise of the same model and technical specification) and shipped, prepaid, back to the customer. If the description of the problem is different from the problem listed on Page 1 of the RMA request form, or the product has been damaged from delivery, we will contact the customer. If the product has no identifiable problem we reserve the right to charge for testing and return delivery. For any product returned to MobileLand™ for the reasons of warranty credit or exchange, that has been granted Out-of-Warranty status, a 20% restocking fee and round-trip shipping costs will be deducted from the credit refund. The restocking fee does not apply to products returned in NEW condition (see definitions above) for the reasons of purchase credit or exchange.


All returned items must be in their original box or crating and must include all packing material, manuals, and accessories. Please take care to package your return carefully. MobileLand™ is not responsible for damage or lost product(s) caused by shipping. Any damage or subsequent failure of a product related to inappropriate packaging will result in additional charges for the repair of the product. If the customer desires an expedited method of return, the product will be shipped collect.


After MobileLand™ evaluation, the customer shall be notified of the repair cost. If the description of the problem is different from the problem listed on Page 1 of the RMA request form, or damaged from delivery, we will contact the customer. If the product has no problem that we can identify, we reserve the right to charge for testing and return delivery. At such time the customer must issue a written confirmation to proceed with the repair(s), agree to cover the costs of the repair and return freight, or authorize the product to be shipped back as is, at the customer’s expense. Failure to obtain written confirmation within thirty (30) days of notification will result in the product being returned as is, at the customer’s expense. Repair work is warranted in accordance with the manufacturer's terms, which MobileLand™ will communicate to the customer in detail along with shipping the repaired goods.


Please take care to package your return carefully. MobileLand™ is not responsible for damage or a lost product(s) caused by shipping. Any damage or subsequent failure to properly use the product related to inappropriate packaging will result in additional charges for the repair of the product.




For your convenience, find the contact on the MobileLand™ Manager responsible for handling returns of goods bought at and processing customer claims. Please get in touch with the representative using the contact data below this paragraph in every single instance you need help, advice, and support. At MobileLand™, we will gladly answer your requests as soon we they possibly can.



Mrs. Veronica Wiessman phone: +421/2/2073 8339 • fax: +421/2/2073 833-98 • e-mail:



Would you have any return-related questions, please do not hesitate to call us at +421 2 2073 8339 Monday to Friday (09:00 – 16:00 o’clock MET).


MobileLand Management Team
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At STRATIO NAI Ltd., we have formulated smart service policies in order to make your online shopping experience with MobileLand™ as smooth and trouble-free as possible. We have gathered customer notes, inquiries, and recommendations resulting from their use of our merchant services, and we have designed operational procedures and practices allowing for both the effective and the amazing MobileLand™ customer experience. The Frequently Asked Questions stated below summarize answers to the inquiries we are most commonly getting from our existing or prospective customers. We present these questions and answers to you in written form to ensure that by reading them you get the guidelines for how you can benefit the most from using our services, and shopping for our products.





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MobileLand™ is committed to excellence in serving all customers regardless of their race, age, skin color, ethnicity, or religion. All MobileLand employees are trained to be treating our valued customers with the utmost respect and care at all times and on an ongoing basis. MobileLand recognizes the importance of the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equal opportunity and is committed to complying with the mandatory customer service standard addressed in the corresponding Directives of the European Parliament.




MobileLand™ is committed to providing a safe and secure shopping environment for our customers. We consider the online security of your payment and personal information to be a top priority. All card, wire, and Paypal transactions are backed by our Safe Shopping Guarantee which promises that you will never pay for any unauthorized charges made on your account by MobileLand. We are dedicated to assuring that: 1. All payment information, including name, address, and other, is kept confidential during order checkout; 2. All credit card information is processed via a secure payment gateway and encrypted via Secure Socket Layout (SSL) during processing, which protects all personal information. SSL is industry standard technology that ensures that all information sent to us or our payment-prcessing partners remains private and cannot be read by any third parties during transmission. For more information on how MobileLand keeps your personal information safe, please review our Privacy Policy; 3. All purchases paid via PayPal at MobileLand are automatically eligible for Paypal Buyer Protection and are covered against fraud for the full purchase price of your order. Please note that in addition to placing orders online, you can always place orders for any of our items via phone or fax. For any additional questions or concerns about the safety of your personal information, please contact us.