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MobileLand Customer Testimonials

MobileLand Customer Testimonials



Even though MobileLand has launched just a short time ago, we already have plenty happy customers from around the world. Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking! Here are some of the thanks and compliments received for our produts and services:



Claus-Jürgen Weiss “Fantastic facilitation by Veronica! You make it easy for us to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Very professional, helpful, and the shopping was enjoyed by my assistant and me very much."
Taavi Jeri Ó Corcráin “The service your company provides is top quality – from initial request for information on the mobile chargers we picked to the final delivery. We had a very good experience. Perfect!"
EgbertXXX7 “I was delighted with the stunning looks and the high quality of used materials of my new power bank bulk order from MobileLand. A huge thank you, you did a good job.”
Alejandro Rodríquez “I live in Barcelona (ES). I ordered several types of mobile cases, 100 pieces each, for my retail store in Spain. I was genuinely impressed by the quality we got from MobileLand. Absolutely love these people and recommend to every retailer in Europe. Seriously, very impressive!”
Roxana Cornell Bradford “From the initial contact with MobileLand representative I have received a great feedback. By the end of the day I was served well, with obvious proffesionalism and care. Thank you.”
Rosemarie Wilcox “I am writing to both endorse and recommend you as the best mobile accessory store with niche chargers I have ever seen. The best part is the powerbank I bought is just OUTSTANDIG! And I was having fun shopping with you all the way.”
Takashima Funabashi “This mobile shop is very well: good stuff, great service, fast delivery.”
BobbieBobbie 3 “I just wanted to say how much I truly enjoyed shopping at I guess you guys are just the best out there! I have searched all stores one can find on the internet for well designed mobile chargers I love so dearly. You are my Number 1!”
Phillis Pearce “The sales person's enthusiasm and delight was remarkable. If you want to get outstanding service, speak with Veronica.”
caryl_SOLOMON “Having echanged emails with Veronica, I was delighted to see the thriving commitment, passion and drive for excellence.”
Gil R. Howland “I would have no hesitation recommending Barbara, and in fact I will make sure I do. Shopping at MobileLand exceeded expectations.”
Wayland F. Carlisle “It was excellent! Please keep adding new products, I am looking for just the kind of stuff that you offer!”
Annemarie Geier “From initial order to wrap up, Veronica was very helpful, professional and prompt showing genuine interest in our needs and were very enthusiastic during the whole process, ensuring that we were not only enjoying ourselves, but also getting exactly what we wanted. I certainly recommend MobileLand to everyone.”
Markus Rettig “The shoppping experience was extremely pleasurable, it is a great place to shop and all works very well. I only regret they don't have more products listed, but obviously it is a new store, so that will hopefully change soon for better.”
Jessie Alease “The store is well structured and based around what I need as a customer, they make sure I find what I need fast when shopping on my mobile, and also that I am having fun while shopping with them. I will definitely be recommending MobileLand to my peers.”
MOJO BOSS 69 “Of all the stores with mobile accessories we visited, MobileLand was one of the most hassle free. Barbara was so much pleasure to deal with. You made my life so much easier. This store definitely displays the concept what up-to-date online shopping should be like.”
Lorene Fox Raines “It was a pleasure to speak with Veronica who listened to what I wanted and provided excellent advice. I ended up buying one of Solidate chargers which I am super pleased with. Wonderful piece of jewelry!”
Larrie Rowena Northsmith “The best customer service that I have ever gotten.”
Marshall D. Fairclough “As always, a pleasure to work with Veronica Wiessman.”
123_Peters “Very well organised store. Everything I wanted I got fast. Overall the experience I had was positive, most likely one of the best of its type.”
Caetlin Ibbott “Why did we shop at MobileLand? The variety of stores offering mobile gadgets is high, but with MobileLand we found what we wanted to buy and were not able to see anywhere else. Everything about the store is well organised their on-line website runs very smoothly even when viewed on tablet.”
Xiu Shu-sai-chong “Xiu from Singapore here. MobileLand is super fun, super easy to use, the mobile accessory products are adorable. People on their support team really made my shopping a breeze. Most outcoming staff I talked to in a long time!!! Definitely a go - I got my wholesale order delivered from EU in four days. Super cool !!!”
Louis Q. Reed “Many thanks for a fantastic shopping experience. Mrs. Wiessman was the most professional, obviously love what she does and most importantly treated me with respect and civility.”
Alisha J. Marvin “A very positive experience. I was very impressed with your professionalism and willingness to help me to get what I wanted. The USB flash memory key I got just looks and feels amazing, and I can use with in my notebook as well as my smartphone!”
Shaw Rey “Excellent, professional, unique and enjoyable. Best mobile charger store I found. The assortment is still limited, but I believe it is because you have just recently launched the store, right?.”
Eugenia Windsor Ayers “I would have to say that Mrs. Wiessman showed me one of the best sale services that I have ever had the pleasure of receiving. When I will shop for gadgets for my store again, MobileLand will be the first choice.”
CornellGMc777 “This was one of the highlights of my day and me and my wife are still talking about it. The external mobile bank I bought for her at MobileLand as a birthday gift has just arrived today, even earlier than announced in the email. Everything went smoothly and as it was supposed to, we got excellent quality which is real hard to find elsewhere with this type of accessory goods. A pleasurable experience ... will recommend to our friends!”