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MOTOMO Mobile Case Store

Since 1997, MOTOMO™ has been a brand widely recognized as one of the most popular mobile case brands in Chinese mobile case market. Until recently, MOTOMO™ (meaning Monday-to-Monday) has been almost exclusively known in the brand's home country - mainland China. However, with this brand line up becoming part of the MobileLand™ inventory, these innovative and attractive case designs are now also available for the shopping audience in Europe and other countries of the West. These products are predominantly influenced by day-by-day needs of the modern people of our time, with matching phone and tablet cuts and cushions, ultra strong gadget protection, quality cover materials, fashionable colours, and solid touch and feel. The brand is a favourite choice of many devoted clients who appreciate the creativity of design and want to wear their mobile darlings "dressed in different robes" for different occasions. Their simple creed “Monday-to-Monday” predestines the cases to be favoured and used by all of us, all the time.


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